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Hey there! My name is Christy and I'm the one to blame for all the kyootness around here. I grew up watching animated movies and have been drawing since I was quite little. I started to cultivate a love for Japanese animation during high school, and discovered that many of the shows I watched when I was a wee sprout were actually anime as well! Pretty cool. I love both traditional and digital methods of illustration. It's really hard to pick a favorite. Most of my characters are based off of real animals, past and present. The real Momocheet, Evil Landlord, Fat Cat, and Tuxie all vie for prime belly rub real estate on my desk. I do my best to distribute snuggles evenly.

I am working on a full webcomic and many other awesome things, including finishing my first children's book, Berry's Story. If you hvae a minute, stop by my webcomic and give it a read. I also post a lot on Facebook, tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter, so to quote a much more terrifying dragon than I, don't be shy. :)