BeKyoot Custom Canvas TOMS


Each pair of BeKyoot Custom TOMS is hand painted with acrylics, marker, waterproof pens, glitter, and a ton of love! (Glitter is optional, but you'll have to deal with the love. ;) The base is the Classic CANVAS TOMS, so please be aware of that when picking your size! the price includes both the basic cost of the canvas TOMS (~$45) and the cost to customize them!

About TOMS: TOMS is a really wonderful company with a One-for-One mission, meaning when you buy a pair of TOMS, they will donate another pair to a child in need! You can read more about TOMS and their mission here: TOMS Shoes Official Website

How It Works:
1.) Pick your Shoe size. Please be sure to note Men's or Women's as well! (Some sizes may need to be special ordered if out of stock, which will add to turnaround time.)
2.) Pick your design.
3.) Choose your finish. (glitter/no glitter)
4.) Add any notes or comments in the comment box!
5.) Add to cart and finish shopping/check out!

Turn-Around Time: Since each pair is handmade and hand painted, it will take at least 1-2 weeks (7-10 business days) for your shoes to be shipped. We will be in contact with you on the progress of your order throughout the processing time. We shall be adding new designs and pics as they are made! :)

Notes on Sizing:
Here is TOMS sizing FAQ: TOMS Shoes Sizing Guide

Available Designs:
Momocheet Cherry Cupcake Explosion - Momocheet is featured on the front of each shoe with an explosion of cherries, cupcakes and candy. (pictured)
Happi on the Hill - Happi Paper is featured on the front of each shoe on a field with hearts. The speech bubble is in katakana and reads, "Kyuuuuu!" which is pretty much the only word Happi knows. :) (pictured above and below)
Momocheet Cookie Madness - Momocheet and COOKIES ERRWHERE! Chocolate chip cookies and a very hungry Momocheet are featured on this pair of custom TOMS.
The Evil Landlord Shoes for Success - Evil Landlord is front and center in this design, plotting as usual with profits and money flowing into her paws.
Momocheet Cherry/Happi On the Hill - One shoe is Momocheet themed with cherries and cupcakes, and the other shoe is Happi Paper themed. (Pictured above and below.)
Cherry Bomb TOMS - This is a simple and sweet design featuring nothing but cherries! This one looks incredible with silver glitter and is bright, fun, and great for adding a pop of color to any outfit!
Candy Corn Momocheet - Momocheet munches on one of her favorite Halloween treats! Candy corns are scattered all over this super kyoot design, and there's also a candy corn rainbow and two candy corns on the heels!

PLEASE NOTE: As these shoes are custom-made to order, there are no returns or exchanges! Please, PLEASE be sure you select the correct size!

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