Rescued Hearts Club Glitter Sticker - Meow Edition


Many people say that when they rescued their pet, they were rescued themselves. I cannot agree more. All of the BeKyoot cats are based off of real rescues, and each has done a lion's share of rescue work on these human hearts. This design was inspired by every surprise kitty snuggle you didn't dare ask for but got anyway. Use it to add a dash of kyoot to your laptop, notebook, water bottle, sticker wall...anywhere that needs a little more HEART.

- Single, 
Approx 3" Sticker
- Made of SWEET GLITTER GOODNESS - You know the shiny stuff your kitty loves!
- Looks awesome on a water bottle and is holding up great on mine!

A portion of each Rescued Hearts Sticker sale will be donated to local and national pet rescue networks!

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Customer Reviews

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Menopause Mama
Very cute!

Ran out of time to make a second Comic Con booth visit. You were so nice and gifted my daughter a sticker at Comic Con. I am paying it forward and will be ordering more stickers.