Summer Shop Update

Summer Shop Update

Summer Shop Update

Hello, Friends and Floofs! 

What started as a 'quick product update' several weeks ago has now become the full shop re-theme and update that you (hopefully!) enjoyed looking through just now. In case you haven't seen all the new stuff yet, here's a run down of all the new products and sections! 

Section Updates

Single Stickers - 7 New Designs! 
Sticker Sheets - Floofspiration Sticker Sheet, GB & Boop Sticker Sheet
Planner Stickers - Coming soon!

Mugs - 4 New Designs
Floofspiration Mug
Bubbles! Mug
Floofy Flowers Mug
GB & Boop Mug

Bags & Totes - 4 New Designs
Excited Coconut Tote
Lovely Day Tote
Bubbles! Tote
Floofy Flowers Tote

Outwear - 2 New Lightweight Hoodies

Rise & Shine Lightweight Hoodie
Wings 2021 Lightweight Hoodie

Tees & Tanks - 3 New Designs
Bubbles! Tank Top
Floofy Flowers Tank Top

Art Prints - 12 New Designs!

Originals & Limited Editions
Reading Buddies Limited Edition Foil Print
Little Beans Afloat Limited Edition Foil Print

New Sections/Products

Planner Stickers - I had planned to launch this with the new site, but delayed this section to go up a little later so I can give it the time and attention it deserves. All the new planner sticks are handmade and cut by me! :)

Comic Prints - I picked a few popular and inspirational comics to be highlighted prints and also included a 'Choose Your Own Comic Print' so you could pick your favorite floofy story for me to print up!

Originals & Limited Editions - So excited about this section! Here I'll be posting original art as well as specialty limited edition prints!

Upcoming PreOrders

Book of Kyoot 3

Sketch Kyoot 5