Happi Paper Plushie


Happi Paper has a simple heart and a kind soul, and (unlike some other toilet paper rolls) is always around when you need him. Not much is known about where Happi came from, and even less is known about the language he speaks. But even if you can’t understand his words, Happi’s heart speaks loud and clear to everyone he meets, and he’s always happy to see you.

Happi sits about 9.5" from the top to the bottom of his toilet paper roll. His legs hang below his body an additional ~10". His arms are a double layer of soft plush material, with detail stitching for the paper perforations. His face is embroidered on his body and his coat is lined on the inside and attached to his body at three points. He is made of all new materials, and is safe for ages 3 and up.

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